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Adolescent and Adult Programs

Our adolescent and adult programs were officially launched in 2011 when we recognized an increased need for ABA services for this more specific population. Since then, autism treatment for adults and adolescents has become an essential component of our mission to provide lifespan services to individuals with autism.


Our adolescent and adult autism treatment programs are individualized for each client. We continue to work on foundational skills such as communication, language and social skills, while ensuring that we are focusing on those skills in age related activities and settings. In our adolescent and adult programs, we are also able to still focus on the reduction of any barriers to learning, including maladaptive behaviors.

autism treatment for adults - applied behavior analysis

The adolescent and adult programs also include a leveled based program that clients are able to transition through placements based on levels of skills and reductions of problem behaviors while moving towards the least restrictive placement.

adolescent treatment for adults - Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism treatment for adults and adolescents incorporates more self-help and independent daily living skills into the treatment plan. Our current location has been designed and built to provide opportunities to teach these in natural environment settings. We have mock apartment, kitchen and living settings that we utilize to teach functional and daily living skills. We also begin to transition those skills into community settings during solo and group outings.

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As with our early learner programs, parent participation is considered essential to the overall progress of the individual treatment plan for each client. We continue to require parents or caregivers to attend ongoing training sessions to make sure that the skills we are teaching are able to generalize to both home and other community settings.