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Early Learner Programs

Our early learner programs focus on clients with ages ranging from 0-10 years old. These programs focus on teaching our clients the foundational skills in communication, language expansion and social/play skills. We also focus on those beginner adaptive skills when necessary, such as, toilet training and feeding. Parent participation is an essential component of autism treatment for children so we provide hands on training to parents and caregivers on current programs and interventions.
When Spectrum of Hope started in 2004, our focus was solely on our early learner programs and child development. Most of our clients at that time were 3-6 years old and we started building our programs and expertise in the field. While all the treatment was conducted in a one to one ratio (and still is today), we recognized a need to develop additional programs that would prepare our clients to eventually transition out of our clinic into lesser restrictive placements. We began designing a leveled based program which our clients transition through three placements based on levels of skills and reductions of problem behaviors.

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Our Early Learner Programs are a fit for any individuals on the spectrum between 0-10 years old. Prior to starting services, we conduct a variety of assessments to determine the best placement for each client within our leveled programs. We start this process with multiple interviews of the parents, a short observation and conclude with a skills assessment. All of these tools help us better understand the skill level of each learner that we can place them in the least restrictive program within Spectrum of Hope.

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Because we consistently evaluate the progress of our clients through skills gained and reductions among problem behaviors, we are able to easily determine when each client is ready to level up and eventually transition out of our programs to other environments. We have been very successful in preparing clients to move into school based programs (both general and special education environments).