"Our mission is to provide the highest quality ABA therapy and most caring environment to our clients ensuring achievement of their highest potential and earning and keeping the trust of their families."
Our Services

Spectrum of Hope utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to both decrease inappropriate behaviors and increase appropriate or functional skills. Each client’s course of treatment is individualized based on the results of various assessments and evaluations.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to serve all individuals from early childhood to adulthood stands strong throughout our programs. We have developed multiple environments and programs to best serve clients for their specific age and skill level. Each client’s treatment plan is designed to be comprehensive to address the major domains related to autism and other deficits.

Early Learner Programs

Our early learner programs focus on teaching our clients the foundational skills in communication, language expansion and social/play skills. We also focus on those beginner adaptive skills when necessary, such as, toilet training and feeding. Parent participation is an essential component of the early learner programs where we provide hands on training to parents and caregivers on current programs and interventions.

Adolescent and Adult Programs

Our adolescent and adult programs continue to work on those foundational skills, but also begin to include more self-help and independent daily living skills into the treatment plan. We also begin to transition those skills into community settings during solo and group outings. Parent participation is again considered essential to the overall progress of the individual treatment plan.