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Adolescent ABA Therapy Services

At Spectrum of Hope, our team works with teenagers and adults up to 21 years of age to continue to build foundational abilities, including language, communication, and social skills. We focus on growing these foundational skill sets through age-related settings and activities as well as reducing any maladaptive behaviors or other barriers to learning.

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy includes a level-based program in which we evaluate progress relative to the individual’s baseline and how they develop as they move through the program. Clients are able to transition through placements based on their progress as they master new competencies.

Custom ABA Evaluation for Adolescents

We start with an evaluation to establish the adolescent’s baseline. We will complete interviews, observations and assessments and develop a treatment plan that properly meets their needs.

Once we have all the information required, we create an individualized treatment program. We understand that every person with autism faces unique challenges with a wide variety of skills and circumstances that require specialized attention. That’s why we focus on individualized treatment plans and tailor our services to the person’s specific goals.

Benefits of ABA Therapy for Teens and Adults Up to 21 Years of Age

Our ABA treatment program for adolescents, up to 21 years of age, offers many benefits.

Independent Living Skills

Fostering daily living abilities is crucial for adults and adolescents to thrive in multiple environments. Our ABA program includes teaching the following skills:

  • Self-care
  • Shopping
  • Money management
  • Cooking
  • Transportation
  • Room organization

Our current location has been designed and built to provide opportunities to teach these skills in natural environment settings, including mock kitchens, apartments and living areas. In addition, our team helps clients transfer competencies to other locations through solo and group outings.

At Spectrum of Hope, we consider parent and caregiver participation to be a critical aspect of treatment. Through ongoing training, we work to ensure you have a solid foundation for how to assist your family member with skill generalization.

High School Students’ Transitions

As children transition into teens, they may face challenges related to puberty, high school and life after school. Our ABA therapy program enables adolescents to learn how to handle these changes and acquire skills to assist them in their lives. Other abilities we emphasize for high school students include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Organization

Our professionals understand that these can be complex tasks for some students, and our goal is to support them along the way and help them excel in these competencies.

ABA Therapy for Adults Up to 21 Years of Age

Spectrum of Hope offers services for adults up to 21 years of age diagnosed with autism and other conditions. Among the many benefits of ABA, we work to help individuals develop life skills that assist them through different stages of life. Abilities that foster independence — including household chores and morning routines — are essential for these adults.

Our adult programs also emphasize working toward employment. We assist our clients with communication skills and help them learn more about social hierarchies — skillsets that are important for finding and maintaining jobs.

In-Home ABA for Adolescents

We provide individualized ABA therapy programs for teens and adults at our facilities. These sessions occur in a clinical setting, but one that models many natural environments. 

For individuals in the area who cannot visit our facility, we offer in-home treatment sessions. Our in-home sessions provide all the benefits of our programs in the comfort of your home. These treatments can help individuals with autism, their families, and their caretakers optimize their care for the greatest success.

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At Spectrum of Hope, we provide ABA therapy services for adolescents through our Cypress location. Learn more about our treatment programs by contacting us online or calling 281-894-1423. You can also complete an intake form to get started.

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