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6 Ways to Help Children With Autism Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching! With so many fun activities, festive cheer and snowy adventures to participate in this winter, it is essential to consider ways that your loved one with autism can also make the most of the holiday months ahead. In a few simple steps, the whole family can have a memorable […]

Autism and Unique Hobbies

Content in this blog post: What Causes Restricted Interests in Autism? Are Restrictive Interests the Same as Compulsions? How Special Interests Can Lead to Personal Growth Incorporating Special Interests into Treatment When Can Special Interests Pose Problems for the Individual? Restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests, or RRBs, are very common in people with autism […]

Autism, Touch, and Affection

Content in this blog post: Understanding the Response to Affection A Range of Emotional Expression in Children with Autism Autism and Reactions to Physical Touch Affection in Children on the Spectrum How Parents Can Help Friends and Family Show Care and Affection Autism Treatment at Spectrum of Hope When you raise a child with autism, […]

Developing Daily Living Skills for Those on the Spectrum

Content in this blog post: Improving the Quality of Life Developing Daily Living Skills as an Adolescent Autism and Life Skills Individualized Treatment Options for Skill Building How Parents Can Help their Adolescent and Adult Children Practice Life Skills Improving the Quality of Life Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition which many people […]

How Autism Affects Sensory Processing

Content in this blog post: Common Examples of Sensory Processing Differences in ASD What Causes Sensory Issues in ASD? Sensory Processing and its Effects on Behavior What Should Parents Do About Sensory Processing Differences? How Do Autism Treatment Address Sensory Differences? Sensory processing – our body’s experience of and reaction to sensory stimuli such as […]

How to Hold a Job When You Have Autism

It’s no secret that being on the spectrum can come with its fair share of challenges, especially for children trying to fit into school life, and adults just starting out in the workforce. These are massive adjustments that often require an understanding and skill set that can seem antithetical to autism, and many jobs and industries are […]

How to Make Friends When You Have Autism

There are plenty of challenges facing a person with autism. Not only due to the condition itself, but largely due to its perception through others. While symptoms, hardships, and cognitive challenges are all surmountable and manageable over time, the one thing you can’t control is how people react to autism at first impression. For many […]

Managing Autism and COVID-19 Quarantine

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many families to experience severe disruptions in therapies and services for their children with autism, with families of children under the age of five reporting the greatest level of disruption. A large proportion of surveyed adults with autism report moderate to severe disruptions to their social lives, home lives, […]

Managing Autism Meltdowns

Some individuals with autism experience emotional and physical “meltdowns” in response to feeling overwhelmed by sensory or mental stimulation. During a meltdown, a person may scream, cry, and become physically aggressive toward themselves or those around them. Autism meltdowns are most common in children and younger people with autism. However, experts note that “the state […]

Social Cues That May Be Missed with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed through a series of different symptoms. Few are as recognizable and common as the symptoms of ASD relating to social dysfunction. It’s noted that cases of mild and severe autism often exhibit some form of social dysfunction, particularly in the realm of subtle, non-verbal communication. It’s important to recognize that […]

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