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Bill Allen


    Bill has worked over 35 years in the Children’s Healthcare world with extensive focus on serving children with severe challenges. Bill’s experience has focused on children with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health challenges. Prior to coming to Spectrum of Hope, Bill worked as a Senior Vice President of a large multi-state operation that served over 10,000 children for 23 years. Bill’s experience has focused on leadership of operations with extensive oversight of complex payer systems and multiple levels of service provision in 10 States. He has extensive experience in serving children and adults with severe disabilities in a variety of roles.  Bill joined Spectrum of Hope in January 2021 as the CEO and is tasked with providing high quality Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy service to Children and their families impacted by ASD and other Developmental challenges.

    Bill graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree and the St. Thomas University, Masters degree in Mental Health counseling. He was also on the Governor appointed council for Independent Living.

    Bill is a Miami native and enjoys spending time with his family especially supporting his 2 sons in their world of competitive soccer. Bill and his wife Joelle enjoy traveling together and attending both son’s soccer games all over the US and even outside the country.

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