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6 Ways to Help Children With Autism Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching! With so many fun activities, festive cheer and snowy adventures to participate in this winter, it is essential to consider ways that your loved one with autism can also make the most of the holiday months ahead. In a few simple steps, the whole family can have a memorable […]

Guide to a Career as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst

If you are interested in mental health and want a career that can positively impact people’s lives, becoming a board-certified behavior analyst could be right for you. A career as a BCBA is fulfilling, since you’re working to improve children’s lives and help your community. BCBAs obtain the proper education, experience and licensure to make […]

What Are the 5 Different Types of Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that primarily affects communication and social skills. Due to the range of ways autism affects development, several types and diagnoses of autism were once in use. Now, ASD is described as a spectrum that covers the scope and severity of symptoms previously considered to be different types of autism. While types […]

Tips for Creating Routines for a Child with Autism

Routines help us organize our day and complete all of our essential tasks. Daily routines can be beneficial for children with autism who struggle with transitions and change. It also streamlines responsibilities for parents and caregivers. Establishing routines at home for children with autism can help reduce stress, teach life skills and encourage family bonding. […]

8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids With Autism

Halloween is an exciting time for kids of all ages — and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) deserve to have all the fun, too. However, your child with autism may have sensory issues that affect their ability to wear certain types of costumes. Thankfully, workarounds for these issues allow your child to participate in […]

The Importance of Early Autism Diagnosis & Treatment

Content in this blog post: Why Early Diagnosis and Intervention? How Early Can Signs of Autism Appear? Early Signs of ASD by Age Recognizing the Signs of Autism  What Kind of Early Intervention Is Effective? Find Kids Early Intervention Therapy Nearby in Texas An early diagnosis of autism and evidence-based, empathetic care at an early […]

How Autism Affects Sensory Processing

Content in this blog post: Common Examples of Sensory Processing Differences in ASD What Causes Sensory Issues in ASD? Sensory Processing and its Effects on Behavior What Should Parents Do About Sensory Processing Differences? How Do Autism Treatment Address Sensory Differences? Sensory processing – our body’s experience of and reaction to sensory stimuli such as […]

Understanding Repetitive Motions and “Stimming”

Content in this blog post: Causes and Effects How People with Autism Respond to Repetition Why Stimming Occurs Should Parents Try to Stop Stimming? When Can Stimming Become a Problem? Autism Treatment and How it Relates to Stimming Causes and Effects Every person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experiences the condition differently, but repetitive behaviors […]

Autism and Unique Hobbies

Content in this blog post: What Causes Restricted Interests in Autism? Are Restrictive Interests the Same as Compulsions? How Special Interests Can Lead to Personal Growth Incorporating Special Interests into Treatment When Can Special Interests Pose Problems for the Individual? Restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests, or RRBs, are very common in people with autism […]

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