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Using Technology for In-Home Speech Therapy: Apps and Tools for Language Development

Supplementing your child’s speech therapy with activities at home can be an effective way to improve their speech and language development. And thanks to new technologies, apps and language tools, in-home speech therapy has become more accessible than ever. These apps can provide a more interactive and engaging experience, making the experience more enjoyable and […]

The Power of Pause: Embracing Breaks in Pediatric Therapy

Every parent can relate to the momentary helplessness that sets in when a child won’t stop crying or fussing. It can feel instinctual to step in and calmly soothe or do what you can to distract your upset child. As a parent, it’s natural to want to stop your child from experiencing uncomfortable emotions. You […]

How to Host A Sensory-Friendly Birthday Party

Almost all children love having birthday parties, but creating them might take some thinking. For parents of a loved one diagnosed with autism, coming up with inclusive birthday party ideas can be challenging. Creating something that celebrates your child while accommodating their needs requires careful planning. With the right activities and communication, you can create […]

A Guide to Teaching Kids With Autism Hygiene Skills

A solid hygiene routine is critical for gaining independence as a child. For children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), though, learning how to take care of themselves can be more challenging than it is for their neurotypical peers. If you’re a parent, caregiver or educator beginning the special needs hygiene education journey, you might be […]

The Effectiveness of Play Therapy for Reducing Anxiety in Children with Autism

Play therapy can be incredibly beneficial for children diagnosed with autism, and it could help them reduce anxiety. Play therapy works to improve a child’s confidence, emotional intelligence, communication and social skills. Through self-paced play and guiding support, kids can increase their independence, learn problem-solving skills and develop a sense of emotional well-being. What Is […]

Workplace Challenges for Individuals With Autism

Everyone struggles with challenges at work. For some, being around others for a long time is exhausting. Others may have difficulty getting to work on time, managing their energy throughout the day or focusing when tired. For individuals with autism, workplace environments can present many additional challenges.  As many as 85% of U.S. college grads with autism spectrum […]

Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise On Anxiety In Children with Autism

Have you noticed that you feel better when you keep your body moving? Physical activity improves blood flow, strengthens your heart, and can help clear your mind. Another incredible benefit of exercise is reduced anxiety. Unlike many other treatments for anxiety, exercise has little to no negative side effects — it’s noninvasive and free.  Exercise […]

Strategies for Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills to Children with Autism & Anxiety

Autism and anxiety can impact a child’s brain and behavior in similar ways — overstimulation, understimulation or uncertainty about their environment can lead to a breakdown of social skills as children struggle to maintain a sense of internal calm and control.  Teaching emotional regulation is one way to help children with autism or anxiety handle […]

How Pets Can Reduce Anxiety in Children With Autism

Around 40% of children with autism spectrum disorder also have an anxiety disorder, which can further impact their daily functioning and overall well-being. For instance, anxiety can interfere with your child’s ability to participate in social interactions, attend school, engage in daily activities and manage transitions. The signs of anxiety may appear similar to those of autism, […]

6 Ways to Help Children With Autism Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching! With so many fun activities, festive cheer and snowy adventures to participate in this winter, it is essential to consider ways that your loved one with autism can also make the most of the holiday months ahead. In a few simple steps, the whole family can have a memorable […]

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