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At Spectrum of Hope, we provide expert behavioral therapies to people with autism. Our team of registered behavior technicians (RBTs), board-certified and licensed behavior analysts (BCBAs/LBAs) and registered nurses offers unmatched care and compassion. Each staff member is equally dedicated to proven results and family-oriented solutions. If you are looking for behavioral health jobs in Texas, we are hiring!

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Spectrum of Hope team members are friendly, motivated and reliable. When you work at one of our Texas locations, you can make a difference in your community and change lives. Working with people with autism can be a rewarding position, with frequent opportunities for growth and learning within the health care field. Discover our openings for registered behavior technician jobs and more!

Behavioral Health Jobs in Texas

As leaders in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, we have locations across the Houston area. Many of our on-site and in-home care centers are hiring for behavioral health positions, and we’re eager to meet new candidates! Check out our online job board for openings in the following positions:

  • Registered behavior technicians: RBTs are responsible for one-on-one care and ABA therapy sessions. Candidates searching for RBT jobs in Houston can take advantage of our free RBT training and certification program.
  • Behavior analysts: BCBAs and LBAs apply their experience with ABA methods to help clients with autism nurture positive behaviors. As a board-certified and licensed behavior analyst, you would work directly with children and their families to create therapy plans.
  • Program directors: Our program directors supervise much of our daily operations. In this position, you would be responsible for observations, training sessions, behavior intervention plans and more.
  • Human resources: At Spectrum of Hope, we are in the business of people. We’re always looking for excellent HR candidates to keep our team strong.

Working With People With Autism

People with autism require different support levels. Regardless of your position at Spectrum of Hope, you may spend a lot of your time interacting, communicating and playing with people with autism. Your commitment may look different from a typical 9-to-5.

Working with childrenadolescents or adults with autism includes working with their families or caretakers. Our RBTs and BCBAs are in trusted positions, and we expect each candidate to be a friendly, positive person. We are happy to train you on the technical aspects of the job, but we expect our team members to have the following personal qualities to make their work shine:

  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Reliability
  • Listening skills
  • Punctuality
  • Communication skills

With appropriate behavioral health experience and a dedicated mindset, you can excel at Spectrum of Hope. Our team relies on hardworking and compassionate therapists, nurses, psychologists and technicians to provide unmatched care. Join our team at any Texas location for an excellent employment opportunity!

Hear from Our Team

Spectrum of Hope has the qualities of great networking amongst all locations. The firm foundation of teamwork and communication is what drives me to continue to aid in any way I can. Being a part of this network of great workers has definitely influenced myself and others to uphold a standard for all great services for all our clients


Read More... - Briana Brown, RBT

In my time here, I have been grateful for the opportunity to furthur my career with the support of my supervisors and coworkers. I have grown from a behavior technician to a case manager in less than a year and it wouldn’t have been possible without my team encouraging me to accomplish my goals. There is never a dull day here, and I alw...

Read More... - Claudia Gomez, RBT

I began working at Spectrum of Hope (SOH) in 2013 as a Behavior Technician for our Adolescent and Adult population. I quickly fell in love with ABA, and wanted to further my knowledge and understanding of the field. The clients I worked with on a daily basis motivated me to go back to school and work towards my BCBA. Working at SOH afford...

Read More... - Dustin Lompra, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

I love working at Spectrum of Hope because I believe in what this organization was founded on. This space was created to serve those who see things differently and struggle with communicating the way or the reason that they interact with the world around them. Spectrum of Hope has and continues to be a place where individuals are able to ...

Read More... - Kelly Lezon, M.A., BCBA, LBA

I have had the privilege of working within several ABA organizations over the years. When I joined Spectrum of Hope I realized I was home. During my time here at Spectrum of Hope I have had the ability to grow and develop not just within my professional career, but I have had a hand in developing the next generation of clinicians (both BC...

Read More... - Shawn T. Capell M.S., BCBA, LBA-TX

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Join the Spectrum of Hope team today when you apply for one of our open behavioral health positions! We’re hiring across the Houston, Texas, area for self-motivated and skilled individuals in the autism care field. To learn more about our career opportunities, check out our online postings or contact us today!