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One-On-One ABA Therapy Services in Houston, Texas

Raising a loved one with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in a city like Houston enables them to access a broad range of activities that suit their interests. You and your loved one can enjoy unique programs and family-friendly events, including Sensory-Friendly Nights at the Houston Zoo or the Sensory Explorations Program at the Museum of Fine Arts.

As a bustling metropolitan area, there are plenty of resources specifically designed for your loved one with autism or sensory processing differences. Houston is also an excellent place to find the highest-quality therapy sessions and support for your child with autism. Spectrum of Hope is home to many of the leading autism specialists in Houston, including a diverse staff of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), therapists and psychologists.

We Provide the ABA Services Your Loved One Deserves

Spectrum of Hope is the leading provider of ABA therapy in Houston. ABA therapy, also known as applied behavior analysis, is an evidence-based treatment plan for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. This type of therapy focuses on using positive reinforcement and prompting to reduce inappropriate or harmful behaviors, help develop critical skills and combat the deficits associated with autism spectrum disorders.

ABA therapy principles have been developed and tested over several decades. This type of treatment has been endorsed by the American Psychological Association and the U.S. Surgeon General as the best-practice treatment for individuals with autism. At our center for autism services in Houston, Texas, we apply ABA principles to a play-based therapy model that allows kids with autism to undergo treatment without feeling like they’re in therapy. 

Common skills and areas targeted for development in ABA therapy treatment programs include:

  • Social skills and interactions.
  • Communication and language.
  • Play skills.
  • Self-care skills.
  • Reduction or elimination of inappropriate behaviors.

When you work with Spectrum of Hope at our Houston facility, you have access to top-quality services from experienced professionals including our behavior technicians and analysts. Our patient-centric programs address your loved one’s individual needs while integrating you, your family, and your child’s caretakers with open communication. We also provide training to encourage consistency at home so your child is always learning, even outside of therapy.

Our Individualized Therapy Plans for Individuals With Autism

At Spectrum of Hope, we create custom ABA therapy plans for children, teens and adults in Houston. Our team meets with your child to complete a thorough evaluation and determine their baseline, including specific delays or behaviors you would like to address in treatment. We’ll use this evaluation to individualize your child’s treatment and ensure we’re meeting your needs.

Since ABA therapy for autism is driven by data, we conduct follow-up evaluations every six months to determine progress and readjust your child’s plan according to their success. We know your child’s unique baseline, and they won’t be compared to peers, allowing us to have a clear picture of their growth in our program.

FAQs About ABA Therapy in Houston 

ABA therapy is a widely recognized treatment for individuals with autism, but we know the pursuit of any treatment method is an important decision. Here are some commonly asked questions about ABA therapy:

1. What Happens During an ABA Therapy Session?

An ABA therapy session looks different for every child. Still, they all have the same goal of helping every learner modify problem behaviors and develop important skills that will enhance their independence. During an average session, you can expect your ABA therapist in Houston to use a variation of the ABC model below, which helps determine why certain behaviors happen and how to introduce new ones.

  • Antecedent: An internal or external event that occurs right before a target behavior and may trigger the behavior, including a command or request.
  • Behavior: The individual’s observable, measurable response or lack of response. The child may reply verbally or perform an external action.
  • Consequence: Something that immediately follows the behavior. Consequences affect the likelihood of certain behaviors occurring again.

Other key components of ABA therapy include:

  • Reinforcement
  • Prompting
  • Natural environment teaching

2. Can ABA Be Applied at Any Age?

Yes! ABA therapy is an effective treatment option for ASD at any age. There is no age limit. Our ABA services in Houston are highly tailored to each individual’s age, behaviors, unique needs and abilities. Starting ABA therapy as early as possible after a diagnosis can significantly improve various areas of development

Early intervention is key for helping your child cultivate essential skills and positive behaviors that prepare them for independent living, including self-management, language development and proper social functioning. The sooner your child begins therapy, the more effective it may be in addressing developmental challenges.

3. Is ABA Therapy Covered By Insurance?

ABA therapy services for your child may be covered by health insurance, depending on the type of plan you have. State regulations also determine coverage for ABA therapy. For example, state-regulated health plans sometimes require an ASD diagnosis to provide coverage. At Spectrum of Hope, we accept insurance from many major carriers, including:

  • Aetna
  • Beacon
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Cigna
  • Magellan
  • Optum/UHC

If you’re unsure about your health insurance plan or have additional questions, check out our insurance coverage page to see if we’re an in-network provider.

4. How Do I Know If ABA Therapy Is Right for My Child?

Every child with autism is unique, which means they require highly individualized treatment tailored to meet their specific needs, goals and improvement areas. ABA therapy might be the right fit for your child if they experience delays in:

  • Speech and communication
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Socialization, such as sharing or playing appropriately with others
  • Behavior, such as self-stimulation, tantrums or aggression
  • Self-help or hygiene skills

5. Can I Be Involved in ABA Therapy?

Yes! As a parent, you are your child’s primary source of empowerment and support. Your active participation in their ABA therapy can help them stay engaged and provide emotional support. You can get involved in your child’s ABA therapy by:

  • Attending therapy sessions in person
  • Provide information about your child to guide the treatment plan
  • Learning the principles and techniques of ABA therapy
  • Asking questions
  • Offering encouragement and motivation
  • Providing observations
  • Reinforcing positive behaviors at home

At Spectrum of Hope, we provide ABA training for parents to build awareness and understanding of their child’s treatment plan. Siblings, caregivers, loved ones and others who are highly involved in your loved one’s life should also receive training. We encourage you to ask questions and learn how to better understand your loved one with autism and help them carry their skills over to environments outside of therapy.

Why Choose Spectrum of Hope in Houston?

Spectrum of Hope offers the leading autism programs in Houston and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide the highest-quality support for Houston families with a loved one diagnosed with autism, including ABA therapy services that help your child with autism thrive.

Our goal is to help your loved one understand themselves, communicate their needs and succeed. Our staff provides comprehensive support to guide you and your child through the program, including treatment plans designed to meet your child’s unique needs and combat any deficits they may experience.

Children with autism enrolled in our programs can get the treatment they need to grow and develop their skills. Other benefits of choosing ABA therapy at our Houston facility include:

  • On-site board-certified and licensed ABA professionals.
  • More than 17 years of successful treatments.
  • Individualized treatment plans for your unique kid.
  • Modern facility with environments developed to serve clients best.
  • Play-based ABA treatments let kids forget they’re in therapy.

Our core values as an organization revolve around accountability and teamwork — we believe collaborating with you and your child is the best way to help them reach their goals. We work one-on-one with you and your little one, helping them develop the skills they need to succeed.

Contact Spectrum of Hope for Compassionate ABA Therapy Services

Find ABA therapy for children in the Houston area by enrolling your child in our early learner program at our Houston facility or visiting our other area location pages, including our Tomball, Magnolia and Cypress facilities. Our compassionate staff is happy to help you locate your closest facility and answer any questions you may have about our ABA treatment services in Houston.

Get in touch with our team by filling out our online contact form or completing our online intake form to begin the process of enrolling your child at our Houston autism center.

If you have questions about autism services for a child, teen or adult, call now (281) 894-1423. You can also check your insurance benefits and start an admission by clicking the button to the right. We're here for you.

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