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Managing Autism and COVID-19 Quarantine

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many families to experience severe disruptions in therapies and services for their children with autism, with families of children under the age of five reporting the greatest level of disruption. A large proportion of surveyed adults with autism report moderate to severe disruptions to their social lives, home lives, […]

Managing Autism Meltdowns

Some individuals with autism experience emotional and physical “meltdowns” in response to feeling overwhelmed by sensory or mental stimulation. During a meltdown, a person may scream, cry, and become physically aggressive toward themselves or those around them. Autism meltdowns are most common in children and younger people with autism. However, experts note that “the state […]

What is ABA Therapy for Autism

Children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder often face numerous social and behavioral challenges. These can include problems in communication, such as an inability to understand social cues, or difficulty with learning language. Many people with autism face sensory processing issues, which can overwhelm them to the point of experiencing emotional and physical meltdowns. One […]

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