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Learning Appropriate Social Interaction

One of the main indications of autism is trouble with social interaction. Autism, or the autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a condition with a wide array of symptoms, many of which manifest differently from person to person. Social interaction is a complex facet of human communication that is generally part of our DNA and develops naturally at an early […]

Understanding Repetitive Motions and “Stimming”

Content in this blog post: Causes and Effects How People with Autism Respond to Repetition Why Stimming Occurs Should Parents Try to Stop Stimming? When Can Stimming Become a Problem? Autism Treatment and How it Relates to Stimming Causes and Effects Every person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experiences the condition differently, but repetitive behaviors […]

What is ABA Therapy for Autism

Children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder often face numerous social and behavioral challenges. These can include problems in communication, such as an inability to understand social cues, or difficulty with learning language. Many people with autism face sensory processing issues, which can overwhelm them to the point of experiencing emotional and physical meltdowns. One […]

Why Are Autism Behavior Analysts Important?

The study of the human mind has grown dramatically since the inception of psychology, and our understanding of what is and isn’t a matter of mental health has evolved and continues to evolve. While Freud’s contributions to modern psychiatry are significant, they have been deeply flawed – and as we learn more about ourselves, we […]

Why Is Applied Behavior Analysis Helpful for Autism Treatment?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that affects children at an early age, causing developmental issues, as well as physical symptoms such as epilepsy and gastrointestinal discomfort. While autism can be linked to several potential factors, including prenatal viral infections and other risk factors, it is understood to be largely hereditary. As we have learned much […]

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