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6 Ways to Connect With Your Child With Autism

Autism, or the autism spectrum disorder, is a condition that is usually diagnosed early in a child’s life and continues throughout childhood and adulthood. It is a neuro-developmental condition with a cause that is not easy to pinpoint, with factors including genetics, infections, and chemical exposure. In simpler, broader terms, autism is caused by radically different wiring in a […]

Why Is Applied Behavior Analysis Helpful for Autism Treatment?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that affects children at an early age, causing developmental issues, as well as physical symptoms such as epilepsy and gastrointestinal discomfort. While autism can be linked to several potential factors, including prenatal viral infections and other risk factors, it is understood to be largely hereditary. As we have learned much […]

Social Cues That May Be Missed with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed through a series of different symptoms. Few are as recognizable and common as the symptoms of ASD relating to social dysfunction. It’s noted that cases of mild and severe autism often exhibit some form of social dysfunction, particularly in the realm of subtle, non-verbal communication. It’s important to recognize that […]

High Functioning Autism Doesn’t Mean It’s Easier

The Misnomer of High Functioning Autism High functioning autism is not a clinical term, or a real diagnosis. It is largely a colloquial term used to describe cases of autism without intellectual disability. And it is a misnomer. Children on the spectrum who might be off-handedly called ‘high functioning’ show normal levels of intelligence yet have […]

How to Make Friends When You Have Autism

There are plenty of challenges facing a person with autism. Not only due to the condition itself, but largely due to its perception through others. While symptoms, hardships, and cognitive challenges are all surmountable and manageable over time, the one thing you can’t control is how people react to autism at first impression. For many […]

What Co-occurring Conditions Can Accompany Autism?

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are much more likely to struggle with one or more co-occurring physical and/or mental health conditions. Wherever they are identified, these conditions can present extra stress for the person – which can make life much harder. Some of these conditions can be hard to catch early on, because they might not differentiate […]

What’s the Difference Between High-Functioning and Low-Functioning Autism?

Autism has a complicated history. It is an inherently complex condition, and those that live with it have often faced plenty of stigma and misunderstanding. As complex as it is, the autism diagnosis still struggles with generalization and oversimplification. Much progress has been made in determining how autism should be defined, and what parents with children on the spectrum […]

What is ABA Therapy for Autism

Children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder often face numerous social and behavioral challenges. These can include problems in communication, such as an inability to understand social cues, or difficulty with learning language. Many people with autism face sensory processing issues, which can overwhelm them to the point of experiencing emotional and physical meltdowns. One […]

Managing Autism Meltdowns

Some individuals with autism experience emotional and physical “meltdowns” in response to feeling overwhelmed by sensory or mental stimulation. During a meltdown, a person may scream, cry, and become physically aggressive toward themselves or those around them. Autism meltdowns are most common in children and younger people with autism. However, experts note that “the state […]

Managing Autism and COVID-19 Quarantine

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many families to experience severe disruptions in therapies and services for their children with autism, with families of children under the age of five reporting the greatest level of disruption. A large proportion of surveyed adults with autism report moderate to severe disruptions to their social lives, home lives, […]

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